See! All you have are those who fill the office of a prophet but lack the power thereof.

See! All they know how to do is pray for things when there are counsels for this time to be delivered.

See! They are soon going out of business because believers are coming into the understanding of their inheritance

See! The people are crying out for genuine food, you are only presenting irrelevances

See! The prophet is not really a happy man but he is joyous.

See! The prophet declares only the oracles of God.

See! The prophet is not a man of many words.

See! The Lord uses the life of the prophet to set the stage....to set the template for others to follow

See! Ezekiel was not a happy man. See him sleeping on the left side for 390 days for the sins of Israel and another 40 days for Judah. See him feeding on a ration of food and water as prescribed by the Lord.

See! Jeremiah was a weeping prophet. See him standing on behalf of the people of God. Hear the word of the LORD come to him saying, 'You shall not take a wife, nor shall you have sons or daughters in this place'. See him eating the bread of affliction and drinking the water of affliction. See Micaiah threading the same path

Moses was also a man of like passion. He chose to lay down his life for the sheep.

See! Dear Shepherd of the Lord...co-labourer in his Vineyard. When the Lord blesses the people with physical abundance, what then would be your message

See! The people need spiritual meal, food for their souls.

See! We are not created to be subservient to things but to rule over earthly resources

See! How beautifully robed you are at the expense of tending my sheep

See! The pattern I laid is no longer what you follow

See! My sheep are feeding on unhealthy meals but you promised to feed and tend them

See! The army is rising among my people. I am making them myself. Think not that you are the only surviving vessel. Many others are yet still labouring in like passion. Take up the vision and run with it.

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